Coming to Quiberon by car can become a real ordeal if you ignore some basic precautions.

Have a look here if coming by train (a good option)

Let's start with the good news:

- On the motorways, same toll rate for light trailers like ours as for a car.

- Speed is not specially regulated in France for vehicles towing a trailer if the total permissible laden weight does not exceed 3500 kg. If this is the case the speed is limited to 90 km/h. (drive carefully anyway).

General speed limits in France: Motorways 130 km/h, roads without separation 80 km/h,  urban areas 50 km/h.

To take advantage of it, you will want to avoid traffic jams.

Contender France's advice:

1) Avoid heading to the coast on Friday afternoon or Saturday if possible.

2) If this is not possible and you come from the Netherlands, Denmark or Germany, avoid the Paris region, and favour the "Estuaires" motorway (A29 then A84), which passes through Amiens and Caen.

Whatever your itinerary, expect traffic jams when leaving Rennes.


For those coming from the SE (Italy, Switzerland, Austria), expect traffic jams on the Nantes ring road.

The last few kilometres, between Auray and Quiberon, may also be crowded, but you'll almost be there!