From Paris to Saint-Pierre-Quiberon by train


If flying into Paris and wanting then to make your way to the regatta, definitely prefer the train to a car rental.

There are also inland flights from Paris CDG to Lorient, but you may want to make the last 60 kilometers by train.


- First of all, go to Montparnasse railway station (Gare Montparnasse) from the airport in about 50' by train or bus (HERE)


- A TGV train will take you directly to Auray (25 km from the regatta) in 2h. 50'. Maybe you have to change in Rennes. (HERE)


- From Auray there is a lovely little train called "Tire-bouchon", avoiding the traffic jams.

35' later the train stops in Saint-Pierre-Quiberon, a tiny railway station which is only 2,5 km from ENVSN, somebody will pick you up.


The summer timetable of the "Tire-bouchon":