Looking for a gourmet, authentic kit to survive on the Quiberon Peninsula before you fight for the World Champion title?

Then, let's discover 3 must-see places for a epicurean rest after a long journey.


First stop, Plouharnel.

Before you venture to cross the isthmus of Penthièvre, make a short stop at the last village on the continent, Plouharnel.

Don't miss the Meyer bakery, on the left side after the roundabout: You will make your first discoveries of Breton specialites there. A prelude to the gourmet's paradise.

In addition to the traditional Kouign Amann (i.e. butter+cake in Breton language), it offers the best macaroon for miles around. 

Salted butter caramel and caramelized apple, a delicacy that ensures an immediate culinary orgasm.


Now you are fit to take the narrow, winding road to Quiberon. Drive slowly, you're almost there.

The landscape to starboard (towards the Atlantic Ocean) and to port (towards Quiberon Bay, the site of your future exploits) is magnificent.

Turn to the left after passing through the villages of Penthièvre and Saint-Pierre, leave your boat at the ENVSN, make yourself comfortable. Maybe the crew wants to have dinner?


This brings us to our second culinary stop, Portivy.

 The small, drying harbour is located 4 km from ENVSN, on the west coast. The ideal place to observe the setting sun on Groix Island (and with some luck the Green Ray).

Don't expect gourmet food, but at the Bateau Ivre, mussels and chips are highly recommended (Ask for "moules-frites").

You'll not be alone, so remember to make a reservation ... or be patient!


Port d'Orange

After a restorative night, once measurement and registration are completed, you may want to select the bar where you intend to celebrate your victories or drown your sorrow.

Port d'Orange awaits you: easily accessible by foot, this little harbour on the Bay side is both calm and lively, you will find several bars by the waterfront.

This was our third stop; now it's up to you to discover the next ones according to your tastes ;-)